“My Journey as a Scholar of Faith” Lecture: Marilyn Berrett

The following presentation was given by Marilyn Berrett on November 20, 2013 as part of the series, “My Journey as a Scholar of Faith.” This series is an effort to hear from faculty members how they came to teach and research in a way that is both spiritually strengthening and intellectually enlarging. Below the video is a summary of the presentation. We welcome your comments at the bottom of this page.

Marilyn Berrett is the current chair of the Department of Dance, an officer on the board of directors for Dance and the Child International (daCi), and the founding artistic director of Kinnect, a BYU-based dance education outreach company for children. Her choreography has been invited for presentation in film and main stage productions across the US and around the world. A practicing dance artist and certified elementary educator, she has presented lectures and workshops in various arts and education venues for over 35 years.

This video is excerpted from the full lecture, which can be found here: Full Lecture


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