“My Journey as a Scholar of Faith” Lecture: David Whetten

This lecture from February 2013 is part of the Faculty Center lecture series entitled “My Journey as a Scholar of Faith.” This series features scholars who have been thoughtful about the relationship between religious faith and their work as academic scholars. They share their personal journey to understand how faith and intellect work together in their personal and professional lives. We welcome your comments at the bottom of this page.

David A. Whetten is the Jack Wheatley Professor of Organizational Studies and Director of the Faculty Development Center at Brigham Young University. Prior to joining BYU in 1994 he was on the faculty at the University of Illinois for 20 years, where he served as Harry Gray Professor of Business Administration, Director of the Office of Organizational Research, and Associate Dean of the College of Commerce. He has over 85 publications and has served as editor of the Foundations for Organizational Science, an academic book series, and the Academy of Management Review. He has served on the editorial boards of 15 professional journals. His pioneering and award-winning management text, Developing Management Skills, co-authored with Kim Cameron, is in its eighth edition. In 1991 he was elected an Academy of Management Fellow, he received the Academy’s Distinguished Service Award in 1994, and in 2004 he received the Academy of Management OMT Division Distinguished Scholar award. In addition, he served as President of the Academy of Management in 2000. In 2009 he was awarded the JMI Distinguished Scholar award by the Western Academy of Management and the BYU Marriott School Distinguished Scholar award.



1 Response to “My Journey as a Scholar of Faith” Lecture: David Whetten

  1. Brad Agle says:

    Dave Whetten, along with Kim Cameron, Alan Wilkins, Bob Hoskisson, and others, has been a significant role model for me since early in my academic career. Thank you, Dave, for sharing your story. It has been an inspiration to me for many years now. I am blessed to know you. I hope many students and professors will take courage from your remarks.

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