Weekly Quote: Scott Sommerfeldt

Weekly quotes come from BYU faculty members who are regarded by their students as being both spiritually strengthening and intellectually enlarging.

“I think there are two extremes you can go to here. We can easily get the one in [the sciences] where everything is just like any other university. It’s very rigorous: “Here’s the facts, here’s how it works, learn it and that’s it.” The other extreme in my mind is [where] you’re so worried about bringing the Spirit in … [that] it’s a seminary class and all the rigor vanishes; and so it’s … a spiritual high for the student, but they don’t learn anything.

I think there’s a balance in there that we’ve got to find. We’ve got to have a rigorous class where it’s challenging, it’s educational, they’re learning things that the world is trying to learn, but they’re feeling the Spirit as they do it. And that’s not always an easy balance to get.”

Scott Sommerfeldt, Dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


About Thomas Ferrin

Latter-day Saint (Christian). Husband, father. Qualitative researcher. Designer. Jack-of-all-trades. Beatboxer. Thinker on moral agency. I like to wear corduroy and eat street tacos.
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