Weekly Quote: George Handley

Weekly quotes come from BYU faculty members who are regarded by their students as being both spiritually strengthening and intellectually enlarging.

“I generally feel like my main objective is just to get the students to know where I stand spiritually. There’s something Elder Holland said, in his talk about parenting, that I think is true of teaching … ‘As long as your kids know where you stand on the fundamentals, there’s a lot of gray area that you can then go explore with them. But if they don’t know where you stand on those things, then it starts to feel like you’re adrift.’ [see footnote*]

And I think if my students can get that sense—that I am totally devoted to this Church and totally devoted to this gospel, but I’m not afraid to ask hard questions, … to challenge you on hard questions … for the sake of developing you intellectually, … and especially when we get onto sensitive topics—I just try to preface that by saying, ‘Let me just tell you where I come from and how strongly I feel about the restored gospel. And then maybe you’ll know that when we get on to these difficult questions, it’s because I love the Savior, and I want to know the truth, that I want to ask these questions—not because I want to undermine you, or undermine the Church, or anything like that.’ And I think that helps them a little bit.”

George Handley, Department of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature

*Dr. Handley is paraphrasing here. Readers are encouraged to read the original talk by Jeffrey R. Holland, entitled “A Prayer for the Children,” which was given in April 2003. The section to which Dr. Handley was referring begins, “In this Church there is an enormous amount of room …


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