Weekly Quote: Kent Blad

Weekly quotes come from BYU faculty members who are regarded by their students as being both spiritually strengthening and intellectually enlarging.

“The students that are struggling—I’ll sit down with them, and I will emphasize with them,

‘I know that some of the other faculty may have emphasized with you that this program and the class that you’re in should be the number one priority in your life. … I’ll go out on a limb and tell you that it is not. And if it’s even anywhere in your top three, you probably ought to reevaluate your life.  If your family and your God and your church are not priorities in your life and this class is, there’s a problem right there.  You must get a balance in your life with those things at the top of your list.’

“And I can’t tell you how many students come back to me to tell me about that one statement.  That they had lost that focus and that priority and many times it was the fault of the faculty that had emphasized how important this particular class should be to them and that it’s everything, and it’s not.  I find when you can do that type of thing, … you can get them to operate at such a high level … if they understand that there should be a balance in their lives.  That’s what it’s about—priorities and balance.”

Kent Blad, College of Nursing


About Thomas Ferrin

Latter-day Saint (Christian). Husband, father. Qualitative researcher. Designer. Jack-of-all-trades. Beatboxer. Thinker on moral agency. I like to wear corduroy and eat street tacos.
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