Weekly Quote: Amy Harris

Weekly quotes come from BYU faculty members who are regarded by their students as being both spiritually strengthening and intellectually enlarging.

“For me it’s that phrase from the Aims of a BYU Education that students are supposed to be trained in how to be prayerful thinkers. … That’s pretty cool, to have that be your goal. … I remember very clearly using Joseph Smith … when he says, ‘I pondered on it again and again’ before he prays. I think if I can model a small aspect of that, talking about my research, talking about how I felt inspired to choose a topic, or talking about how I feel, that I have to have the Lord to help me have my mind open so I can figure out how to write about it, or how to ask the right kind of analytical questions. I think that’s just a life skill that they’re going to need … [to be] able to put the gospel together with critical thinking skills so they can be insightful about what’s good or not good, in the political or social concerns wherever they may live. And I would hope that we could work towards that more together as faculty and students about making prayer and critical thinking come together and not see them as antagonistic. And I think … thoughtful prayers and prayerful thinkers is a pretty ambitious goal to have as classroom goal.”

Amy Harris, Department of History


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