Welcome to By Study and Faith!

Welcome to our new blog: “By Study and Faith”! Our primary objectives with this blog are to encourage more informed discussions about faith and learning at BYU and more “tries”; more efforts to experiment with what makes sense for individuals given their particular personalities, disciplines, course assignments, etc.  We are interested in both teaching and research efforts.  In the teaching arena we have conducted exploratory research for the last three years and have been inspired as we have interviewed and surveyed faculty and students about what makes the BYU classroom both intellectually enlarging and spiritually strengthening.  We have made several presentations to faculty across campus and Vice President Webb referred to this research in his address to the faculty at the Annual University Conference in August.  You can read our report of that research in this blog.

Based on our research, we are discovering that while there are certainly some common and eternal principles involved, the approaches faculty members take are creative and often unique. By sharing what others are doing and inviting comment, we hope to stimulate many more conversations that will inspire new efforts and conversations.

Regarding our research and scholarship, we encourage you to look at an exchange between George Handley (Humanities) and Ed Gantt (Psychology) regarding their views on appropriate LDS approaches to learning by study and faith. We asked them to share essays they had written on the subject with each other and those attending a seminar and respond to one another’s essays and then invited other faculty members to comment and offer their own questions and perspectives.  You can read the essays and a summary of that interchange here.

You may also be interested in video highlights from the Friday (May 14, 2010) sessions of our Faculty Center seminar “Mapping the Intersections Between Scholarship and Faith” in the resources section of this blog.  We have included the summary of all of the sessions of the conference within which you will find links to the video highlights.  It includes panel discussions on a variety of teaching and research intersections with faith featuring many fine BYU faculty members.

We’d like to invite you to join the conversation. Feel free to leave your comments or compose a post of your own (we’ll post it for you on this site).

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